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Weld mesh Weight Calculate

Roll length (feet)
Wire Diameter (mm)
Roll Height (feet)
Pitch (left to right)
Pitch (top to bottom) mm
No. of Line Wires
No. of Cross Wire
Weight of 1 Roll (Kgs)
Weight of 1 roll (Kg / sqft)
Weight of 1 roll (Kg / sqmtr)

*The actual weight/length can vary by 10% depending upon the acceptable size tolerance of wire diameter.

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Weldmesh Weight Calculator

Our Weld mesh Weight Calculator is designed to help you effortlessly calculate the weight of weld mesh sheets for your projects. Whether you're working on construction, fencing, or industrial applications, our calculator ensures you get accurate weight estimates to streamline your planning and logistics.

The Weldmesh Weight Calculator is a specialized tool that allows you to determine the weight of weld mesh sheets based on specific dimensions and material properties. This is particularly useful for engineers, architects, and project managers who need precise calculations to ensure structural integrity and cost efficiency.

Weldmesh Weight Calculation Formula

The weight of weld mesh is calculated using the formula that takes into account the dimensions of the mesh and the density of the material. Here’s the general formula used:

Weight = Mesh Width × Mesh Length × Wire Diameter × Wire Density × Number of Wires