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Weld mesh Weight Calculate

Roll length (feet)
Wire Diameter (mm)
Roll Height (feet)
Pitch (left to right)
Pitch (top to bottom) mm
No. of Line Wires
No. of Cross Wire
Weight of 1 Roll (Kgs)
Weight of 1 roll (Kg / sqft)
Weight of 1 roll (Kg / sqmtr)

*The actual weight/length can vary by 10% depending upon the acceptable size tolerance of wire diameter.

A wire mesh weight calculator is a practical tool used in construction and engineering industries to estimate the weight of wire mesh materials. This tool proves invaluable in various applications, from reinforcing concrete structures to creating fencing and mesh-based products. It takes input parameters such as the mesh type, dimensions, and material density and then computes the weight of the wire mesh based on these inputs.

By utilizing this calculator, professionals can streamline their projects by precisely determining the material required, reducing wastage and minimizing costs. This is especially critical in large-scale construction projects where accurate material estimates are crucial for budgeting and planning. Additionally, it aids in ensuring structural integrity by ensuring the appropriate reinforcement amount is used.

A wire mesh weight calculator is an indispensable tool for engineers, architects, and construction professionals, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize resource allocation in their projects.